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Tuesday 29th May, 10am-12pm

Wild Animals! with Lego WeDo

44th Brighton Scout HQ, Patcham, Brighton

We'll be building and learning to program Wild Animal robots using Lego! Students will work in pairs to assemble robots using Lego Education WeDo robotics kits and then use the visual drag-and-drop software to bring them to life - moving and making sounds! We'll also be learning about motors, sensors, gears and pulleys. No previous experience required. Models built: Dancing Birds and Roaring Lion.

Ages 6-9   Waiting List Only  

Tuesday 29th May, 1-4pm

Create your own Stop-motion 'Claymation' Movie!

44th Brighton Scout HQ, Patcham, Brighton

Lights, camera, action! In this workshop, students will work in pairs to create their own short stop-motion film using HUE Animation software and webcams! We'll be creating characters out of modelling clay and learning how this medium allows us to create some cool on-screen effects! We'll also be building sets and scenery using craft supplies and learning about stop-motion technology. After the workshop, the students' movies can be emailed home.

Ages 8-12   Waiting List Only  

Wednesday 30th May, 9-11am or 11.30am-1.30pm

Explore Biology! with Minecraft EDU: Heart & Lungs

44th Brighton Scout HQ, Patcham, Brighton

Use the magic of Minecraft to explore 'inside' the human body! We'll learn about two very important systems: the respiratory (breathing) and cardiovascular (heart and blood) systems. Students will work as a team with a teacher inside a virtual world using 'Minecraft EDU', the educator version of the popular sandbox game which provides a safe and interactive learning environment.

Ages 8-12   Waiting List Only  

Wednesday 30th May, 2.30-4.30pm

Musical Robots! with Lego Mindstorms Robotics

44th Brighton Scout HQ, Patcham, Brighton

Create musical robots by coding and building with Lego Mindstorms! We'll explore all the different ways we can create sound using the robotics kits: by creating robotic instruments using sensors, building robots to play existing instruments, and by coding our own compositions on screen! We'll finish up with some robotic solos, duets and even a robot orchestra!

Ages 10-13   Waiting List Only  

Thursday 31st May, 10am-12pm

Intro to 3D Printing & Computer-aided Design


Get hands-on with the latest design-and-make technology in this enjoyable 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D printing workshop! Students need no prior experience, but still get straight into modelling a simple item on professional 3D CAD software, and then watch it come to life on a 3D printer, ready to take away by the end of the session.

In association with Weald Technology and featuring Guest Educator Phil Edwards.

Ages 11-14   Waiting List Only  

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