Our Workshop Activities

Curiosity Hub workshops cross traditional subject boundaries to combine two or more topics from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM).

Learning in our workshops is enhanced by small class sizes, high-quality cutting-edge equipment and software, and experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

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Core Offerings

Lego® Education WeDo Robotics

Let's get creative with Lego® Education WeDo! Bring Lego® animals and toys to life, build robot football players or create your own machines! Students build robots with Lego® then use the simple Lego® WeDo drag‐and‐drop computer interface to program the robot to move, respond to sensors and play sounds. We also learn about the mechanics of motors, sensors, gears, axles, pulleys and belts. May be combined with Scratch

Level I: Wild Animals ¦ Adventure Stories ¦ Sporty Robots ¦ Toys Come Alive
Level II: Wizarding School ¦ Wonderful Machines ¦ Computer Game Controllers (with Scratch)

Lego® Education Mindstorms Robotics

Let's explore with Lego® Mindstorms robots! Follow in the tyre tracks of the Curiosity rover on Mars, escape the labyrinth, create a robotic pet or solve the river‐crossing challenge! Students assemble and program robots using Lego® Mindstorms kits and get creative with the Lego® Mindstorms drag‐and‐drop programming software to complete exploration challenges. We also explore the interaction between sensors and robot mechanics in these creative workshops.

Level I: Explore Mars ¦ Puzzle Solvers ¦ Ancient Worlds
Level II: Advanced Puzzle Solvers ¦ Robot Rescue ¦ Create a Robo‐Puppy
Level III: Create a Robot Arm ¦ Create a Colour Sorter ¦ Create a Gyrobot

Stop‐motion Animation

Lights, camera, action! Bring your stories to life. Students create short stop‐motion films using HUE Animation software and webcams! We get creative building sets and scenery using Lego®, clay and craft supplies, explore storytelling and learn about the science and technology behind stop‐motion. After the workshops, the students' movies can be emailed home.

Level I: Create your own Lego® Movie ¦ Create your own Claymation Movie ¦ Create your own Papermation Movie
Level II: Focus on Sound ¦ Focus on Characters ¦ Focus on Set Deisgn

Themes also available e.g. Animated Science

Minecraft EDU

Welcome to Minecraft EDU, the education version of the popular sandbox game, providing a safe and interactive learning environment. Students are provided with a laptop and login, and work together with a teacher 'in‐world' to solve puzzles and complete computing challenges!

Level I: Dinosaur Dig!
Level II: Introduction to Computer Programming Parts 1, 2 & 3

Digital Music

Compose your own digital tunes and create music videos! Students explore with Sonic Pi software to define their own sounds and rhythms. We learn to use programming concepts and electronic sampling techniques to create an original masterpiece! After the workshop, the students' projects can be emailed home or used in other projects e.g. animation.

Level I: Introduction to Sonic Pi
Level II: Coming soon: Next Steps with Sonic Pi

Computer Game Development

Go behind the scenes and create your own computer games! Students use visual programming software to create their own on‐screen game, learning how to create sprites (characters), objects and rooms and how to program objects to respond to user inputs. After the workshop, the students' games can be emailed home.

Level I: Create your own Computer Game with Scratch
Level II: Create your own Computer Game with GameMaker Studio

Web & Mobile App Development

How is your favourite website created? How does your favourite app work? Students peek ‘behind the scenes’ to learn about web and app design and use HTML to display web content. Students create their own webpage or app about a favourite hobby or interest, and learn how to craft a great experience for visitors! After the workshop, the students' code can be emailed home.

Level I: Mobile App Design with POP ¦ Create your own Website with HTML
Level II: Create your own Mobile App with AppShed ¦ Advanced Web Design with HTML & CSS
Level III: Coming soon: Advanced Web Design with Javascript

Build Big!

Can you build the tallest tower? How far can you fling a marshmallow? How can a spacecraft land safely on the Moon? Students learn about the physics of forces, motion and energy along with materials science before being set mini‐challenges to build structures with limited time, craft materials and a set 'budget'. We practise the engineering cycle ('Brainstorm, Design, Build, Test, Improve') while creating their amazing structures!

Themes: Rockets ¦ Catapults ¦ Electric Circuit Art ¦ Wonders of Light ¦ Towers & Bridges ¦ Space Mission

Partner Offerings

(Limited availability)

Chocolate Laboratory

Find out about the science behind chocolate and make your own tasty chocolate creations to take home! We will be learning about the history of chocolate, along with its chemistry, including crystal structure, how to temper chocolate and much more - you'll even get to take home your very own handmade chocolate bar!

Discover DNA

What is it that makes us who we are? The answers can be found in our DNA - the instructions that tell our bodies how to work. We show students exactly what DNA is, why it is so important and learn what scientists use DNA for.

Students will even get to extract DNA from fruit, perform gel electrophoresis and make their own DNA models to take home!

Science of Ceramics

Have you ever mined clay in Minecraft? Where does clay come fromand why is this material so special? Explore the science of clay - the qualities and properties that make it particularly good for forming objects that we can eat and drink out of. We begin with an open discussion, leading into demonstrations of techniques and resulting in each child having coil-built and decorated their own cup. The cups will be taken away and fired with a clear glaze, ready for pick up and use as a drinking vessel.

Level I: Chemistry in your own Clay Cup
Level II: Coming soon: Chemistry of Colour with Glazes